Pineapple Open Day Sunday 23 July 2017 – Free Fun Dance Classes in London

We’re thrilled to announce the most exciting day in the London dance diary – the Pineapple Open Day!

Watch the video above for a glimpse of what you can expect on the day! Then check out these classes below. They will all be free on the day!

All classes include a warm-up and cool down, and each class will last for one hour – so you will experience the full class experience that you can get at Pineapple Dance Studio every day!

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Dance World Cup Team GB 2017 at Pineapple

Team GB participated in the 2017 Dance World Cup challenge, with the final event taking place in the Oberrheinhalle in Offenburg, Germany.

On their way they stopped at Pineapple to join a special Dance World Cup dance workshop at Pineapple Dance Studios in London.

The dance workshop was organised by the charity Pineapple Community. The dancers all had a great time, and we loved seeing them at the studios before they headed out to the finals.

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Yoga for Health – International Yoga Day 2017 – Wednesday, 21 June – Yoga Classes in London

The theme for the International Yoga Day 2017 celebration, organized by the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations, is ‘Yoga for Health.’

If you are new to Yoga or a regular, we welcome you to try our drop-in Yoga classes at Pineapple Dance Studio in Covent Garden.

Yoga teachers at Pineapple in London are experienced in the different forms of Yoga as it is taught today. Teachers take regular sabbaticals to train at various institutions around the world, taught by respected yogis.

Pineapple Yoga Class Music Playlist

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