Young dancers perform at Move It 2017 wear Pineapple Dancewear

Young dancers perform at Move It 2017 wear Pineapple Dancewear

Young dancers perform at Move It 2017 wear Pineapple Dancewear

We had a great time at Move It 2017 at London’s EXCEL in March. We saw some amazing performances and met a lot of talented young people over the course of the weekend.

We were especially excited to see the performance of a new work, ‘Sisters’, an expressive piece choreographed by Ruth Mair Howard-Jones and danced by a trio of up-and-coming young dancers. The piece was created for the Capezio Dance Championships.

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Debbie Moore attends Project Polunin at Sadler’s Wells

Debbie Moore joined friends for the launch of Project Polunin at Sadler’s Wells.

In advance of the event Debbie served on the board of Project Polunin, welcoming dancers to Pineapple for rehearsals and meetings. Debbie joined friends and dancers for an evening of dance and refreshments to celebrate the launch of Project Polunin.

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Debbie Moore at Ballet Russes Gala 12 March 2017

Ballet Russes Gala 12 March 2017

Debbie Moore attended the Russian Ballet Icons Gala 2017 – In the steps of the BALLETS RUSSES.

Every year a dazzling programme pays tribute to the wonderful traditions of the Russian ballet school and its legendary soloists who have been inspiring dancers and ballet lovers since the early nineteenth century.

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Maggie Patterson 35 Year Anniversary Ballet Class at Pineapple

Maggie Patterson 35 Year Anniversary

Debbie Moore dropped in to class to join Maggie Patterson for a 35 year reunion anniversary ballet class.

The special class took place on Valentine’s Day 2017 – appropriate, as the theme for the celebration was #BalletLove.

Piano accompaniment was by Shaun Holmes, a veteran and popular class pianist at Pineapple.

The special event was priced at the 1982 price of £1.00!

All proceeds & donations from the event went to Hope House Charity.

Students joined Maggie for celebratory Free drinks after the class.

Congratulations to Maggie! Click here to visit Maggie’s class page.

New Cheerleading Dance Fitness Class Mondays at Pineapple

Cheerleading Dance Fitness Class

New Cheerleading Dance Fitness Class for Adults from The Cheerleading Company launches 27th March 2017.

What happens in the cheerleading dance fit class?

Get fit, tone up and stretch it out just like a cheerleader! Plus fun dance combinations all using professional pom poms! You’ll start off with a fun light-hearted warm-up and a little cardio to get your heart pumping. Then you will move on to a fantastic cheerleading pom pom dance routine to fun pop chart music (think Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, One D, Katy Perry, and Meghan Trainor). Next you focus on toning using your body and your pom poms, and lastly stretch it out to achieve that cheerleader flexibility.

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