Rock Star Belly Dance Workshop – Sunday February 8th


Be a rock star for a day with this unique blend of belly dance for bad girls!

This full throttle workshop set to anything from AC/DC to Kid Rock, Motley Crew to The Darkness is action packed full of fun with plenty of tricks all set to killer riffs, bringing out your rock star vibes. Pop’s and hits, waves and ticks are blended along side cheeky steps and sassy hip combinations to create this blend of sexy cool rock stardom all with a devil may care attitude!

Let’s jam with hard core drills and cool combinations to really blow your mind, come join the school of bad girl belly dance. Now let’s turn it up to 11 and go out with a bang!
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A Beginner’s Guide to Pineapple Studios

Jazz teacher Maria Yacoob

Jazz teacher Maria Yacoob gives you a helpful breakdown of what to expect on your first few visits to Pineapple Dance Studios.

So, you’re reading this article. Which means you’re thinking about coming to dance at Pineapple Studios. First of all, can we say a big hello and welcome! Pineapple isn’t simply an unrivalled studio centre, with a bigger timetable and wider range of classes than any other studios in Europe. It’s also a real community, filled with friendliness, dedication, and mega-watts of positive energy.
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New for 2015! Rhythm Tap with Avalon – Advanced/Professional class

Step into 2015 in a new Rhythm Tap class for the Intermediate/Advanced level student.

Taught by experienced dancer and tutor Avalon Rathgeb, in this tap dance class you will work on drills and technique with speed and power, across-the-floor techniques including elevated work such as wings, pull backs, tippies, pick ups.


Avalon trained at dance school until the age of 18 when she was awarded a full-time scholarship to train as an all-round dancer at Bird College.

Since graduating in 2009 Avalon has completed two internships for the American Tap Dance Foundation in NYC, was a company member of Grant Swift’s TeAyPe in Melbourne, Australia and has danced with leading Tap dance companies across the UK.

Avalon’s advanced rhythm tap dance class will focus on crawls, emphasising accents and working in different time signatures, building confidence in improvisation and tools to help you jam.

Of her new class Avalon says, “slides are one of my favourite things so you will definitely see those! Most weeks the class will include work on combination within the second half of the session to build stamina and dance quality.”

“We jam for fun at the end of class. Come for a good work out and A LOT of fun!”

Avalon regularly teaches for international Tap Dance festivals and workshops including the Stockholm Tap Festival, Prague City Tap Festival, The Australian Tap Festival, Escola Luthier Dansa and MadTap- Madrid.

Click here to view Avalon’s timetable page on the Pineapple website.

Egyptian Belly Dance in London – Asmahan teaches beginners

Egyptian belly dance is now more popular all over the world than ever.

Taking a belly dance class is a great workout and a wonderful way to learn a new skill. It is inspiring and empowering women, bestowing good posture, balance, increasing self-esteem, and offering a glamorous way to get fit.


Learn this beautiful dance with a teacher in London who has danced and trained in Cairo. Asmahan has been teaching Egyptian belly dance classes at the famous Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden, London for 14 years.

Her belly dance class has produced many professional dancers and teachers.
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Fit Tips to kick start your healthy, happy 2015! Number 1: Fitness & Exercise

Ali Trowsdale

Fit & Flexi teacher Ali begins a new series of handy Fit Tips to get you motivated and inspired on the road to health and fitness in 2015!

In this post she gives useful information and advice on Fitness & Exercise.

Make a Fit List of everything you wish to achieve in 2015!

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great! There are 3 areas that you need to focus on, exercise, nutrition and rest; to quote Fat Boy Slim, ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, repeat’!

For optimal performance, endurance and muscle recovery you must look after yourself inside and out.
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