Pineapple Open Day Sunday 23 July 2017 – Free Fun Dance Classes in London

We’re thrilled to announce the most exciting day in the London dance diary – the Pineapple Open Day!

Watch the video above for a glimpse of what you can expect on the day! Then check out these classes below. They will all be free on the day!

UPDATE: Lots of FREE raffle prizes to be won, including shopping vouchers, class vouchers, Smashbox make-up, and physical therapies at Pineapple, plus lots more freebies!

All classes include a warm-up and cool down, and each class will last for one hour – so you will get the full class experience that you can get at Pineapple Dance Studio every day! There are no age restrictions and classes will be at a level suitable for beginners. You do not need to book for classes at Pineapple, this includes the Open Day.

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Dance World Cup Team GB 2017 at Pineapple

Team GB participated in the 2017 Dance World Cup challenge, with the final event taking place in the Oberrheinhalle in Offenburg, Germany.

On their way they stopped at Pineapple to join a special Dance World Cup dance workshop at Pineapple Dance Studios in London.

The dance workshop was organised by the charity Pineapple Community. The dancers all had a great time, and we loved seeing them at the studios before they headed out to the finals.

Find out more about Dance World Cup:

The Evening Standard Goes LaLa For Tap at Pineapple with Adele Joel

Adele Joel

Pineapple tap dance tutor Adele Joel spent a morning at Pineapple with bloggers and journalists who had been invited to a very special masterclass to celebrate Oscar-winning film La La Land.

David Ellis from the London Evening Standard made a valiant effort and impressed us with his enthusiasm and footwork!

David wrote about his experience and made a little film report for the Evening Standard in his article “Inspired Londoners go La La for tap-dancing”.

Tap dance is experiencing a resurgence in interest, thanks in part to La La Land and events such as London’s Tap Jam scene.

Click here to read David’s article and watch the video.

Click here for Adele’s Pineapple tutor page.

Top Fit Tips with Ali T, Ben & Carly with Pineapple Fitness Equipment

Portable Fitness Fun – At Home & Away!

Did you know you can buy original Pineapple fitness accessories online as well as in stores?

The Pineapple fitness range includes everything you need for toning and breaking a sweat in the comfort of your own home!

In the latest Pineapple vlog we present our Top Fit Tips with Pineapple Fitness Equipment, featuring our ABC of Pineapple talent Ali T and Ben & Carly, who all teach at Pineapple Dance Studios!

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