Debbie Moore supports Stroke Association #HakaPose

Debbie Moore  supports Stroke Association

Debbie Moore recently took part in a series of events at Pineapple to support the Stroke Association.

Over half of stroke survivors have a disability and a third rely on others for help, making it the biggest cause of complex disability in the UK.

During the Rugby World Cup the Stroke Association is running a Haka Pose campaign.

Everyone can show their support for stroke survivors by sharing their own Haka Pose on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Haka is used in Maori cultures to build energy and confidence. It also teaches communication through body posture, poses and facial expressions.

The Stroke Association hosted a workshop at Pineapple Dance Studios to teach the Haka to stroke survivors, their friends, family members and health professionals, and our staff joined in too.

See how they got on at the Haka Workshop and you can watch their final Haka Performance too.

Visit the Stroke Association website for more details: