Enjoyment Formula – 2h Booty Therapy Dance Workshop!


Following her workhops in Madrid, Berlin, Los Angeles the diffusion of the powerful report on the political approach of Booty Therapy.

Saturday 6th April 2019 (from 12 to 14)
at PINEAPPLE DANCE STUDIOS, 7 Langley St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JA

Maïmouna offers an Exceptional course in Booty Therapy in London:

* ENJOYMENT formula : 2h Booty Therapy dance workshop!

Do you want to taste the therapy that works your buttocks?
Do you want to jive with other people who are there to let go? To get excited? To swing, to sweat, to cry, to let go, to release your emotions … to regain your original power?

2 hours of intense dance shared between participants of all levels to liberate themselves and connect through the Afro-Urban dances such as the Décalé Coupe, Ragga Dancehall, N’Dombolo, Kuduro, Naïja etc. Maïmouna makes you move for 2 hours to get you started!

ENJOY Presale from 3: £ 15 each
ENJOYLY Presale for 1: £ 17 
At the door: £ 20

For those who do not know yet: What is BOOTY THERAPY?

The Booty Therapy concept was created and developed by Maimouna Coulibaly since 1996. It’s about freeing yourself and assuming your femininity and sensuality by moving your small, fat, flat, plump or bulging booty!
Booty Therapy has featured in over 60 TV shows and reports, and 150 articles in the press and on the web!

We start 2019 with the broadcast CracCrac on Canal + https://vimeo.com/316633600

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