NEW! Theatre Tap Dance Class – Int/Adv – Thursdays 12-2pm

Theatre Tap

New for 2018 – Theatre Tap Class with Harriet & Kirsty

This one hour tap dance class will bring a traditional rhythmic approach to technique to build on tap skills with various drills, time steps and turns. You will learn classic MGM-style choreography informed by jazz tap history, giving you historical tap dance context and building an understanding of swing music and its sensitivities.

Every Thursday – Starts THURSDAY 11 January 2018 – 12-1pm

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How La La Land is Helping Tap Dance Get On Its Feet

La La Land is once again making headlines!

In the article La La Land sparks surge in tap classes as on-screen dancing gets the public back on its feet in the Independent, Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith writes on the upsurge in tap dance students following the release of multi-award winning film La La Land.

Loulla-Mae joined journalists bloggers and bloggers for a special tap dance workshop at Pineapple Dance Studios. The group learned one of the tap sequences from the film, taught by Pineapple tap tutor Adele Joel.

Everyone had a fun time, and they impressed us with their newbie tap dance skills!

Click here to read the full article.

When Hollie Learned To Dance Like Emma Stone at Pineapple

Hollie Geraghty at University of Southampton visited Pineapple for a La La Land lesson with tutor Adele Joel!

Hollie joined a select group of bloggers to learn the A Lovely Night tap sequence at the Pineapple Dance Studios in London.

Click here to read all about Hollie’s experience at Pineapple, and watch this little video – you will agree that the dancers did exceedingly well for first-time tappers!

Click here to visit Adele’s timetable page on this site.

La La Land is released on Digital Download May 8th and Blu-ray, Limited Edition Steelbook, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray & DVD May 15th.


The Evening Standard Goes LaLa For Tap at Pineapple with Adele Joel

Adele Joel

Pineapple tap dance tutor Adele Joel spent a morning at Pineapple with bloggers and journalists who had been invited to a very special masterclass to celebrate Oscar-winning film La La Land.

David Ellis from the London Evening Standard made a valiant effort and impressed us with his enthusiasm and footwork!

David wrote about his experience and made a little film report for the Evening Standard in his article “Inspired Londoners go La La for tap-dancing”.

Tap dance is experiencing a resurgence in interest, thanks in part to La La Land and events such as London’s Tap Jam scene.

Click here to read David’s article and watch the video.

Click here for Adele’s Pineapple tutor page.