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"Joseph is a unique performer and brings a touch of class where ever he goes, and what he doesn’t know about Salsa is just not worth knowing" Graham Norton.

The Classes all begin with a Warm up and may end (not always) with a cool down.

The Warm up

Isolated body movements that incorporate the movement that one would use throughout Salsa

Having come from a trained dance background one will find a warm up with Joseph Koniak extremely beneficial and in line with the style of dance you would learn.  The goal of the warm up is not to make you sweat or feel warm, but to raise your temperature and heart rate to a “working condition”.  

The Cool Down

Dancers must develop and perform an appropriate cool down routine after dancing rigorously.  The Cool Down is just as important as the warm up to ensure muscle protection from extreme soreness and to prevent unforeseen injuries.  Joseph Koniak’s cool down methods usually consist of slower dancing, yoga and stretches that are designed to lower your heartbeat after dancing.

The Classes - Wednesdays

7 to 8pm Beginner and Intermediate Levels (2 Levels)

8 to 9pm Beginner, Improver-Intermediate and Advanced Levels (3 Levels)7

Music is played intermittently during the lesson – so students can practice their steps / routine to the music.  Each track during the lesson is different and the variation takes into consideration, different rhythms, moods and beats so students can play with their interpretation and musicality!


Joseph Koniak is one of the leading authorities on Salsa and Lambada dance in the UK today. Having trained in all aspects of dance at the 'London Contemporary School of Dance', he brings a unique style to the world of Latin rhythms.

As a professional dancer Joseph has performed, and choreographed all over the world in musical Theatre, solo dance productions, and television.

Joseph was a winner of the World Lambada championships in 1994, and was the first officially recognised winner of the UK World salsa championships 1997/1999/2001. Joseph is also a highly respected teacher and a member of the UKA (United Kingdom Alliance).

Joseph has worked with Gareth Gates, Enrique Iglesias, Touch and Go, Fats and Small, and many others. Joseph most recognisably choreographed and appears in the BBC1 I dent as the Salsa teacher shown regularly on BBC. In 2005, Joseph Koniak was the audition Choreographer, Judge and coach for the hit series "Strictly Dance Fever" presented by Graham Norton.

To join in a class, you only need be ready 10 minutes before the class starts. If you have Pineapple membership, you do not need to pay at reception.

Contact: Joseph Koniak 07775 894 576