Debbie Moore featured in Daily Mail – Dance queen reveals secret of looking this sleek at 69

Debbie Moore

Pineapple founder Debbie Moore featured in a featured article in the Daily Mail print edition and online on the world’s most popular news website!

The article serves as a tribute to Debbie’s achievements in promoting the importance of dance to physical and emotional health.

Focussing on an eye-catching photograph from the early days of Pineapple, the Daily Mail recreated the pose with Debbie at Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden.

In a wide-ranging interview covering all aspects of Debbie’s rigorous approach to fitness and health, the tough lesson we learned was that there is no way to avoid the hard work necessary to remain healthy and engaged – even for a super model!

Click here to read the article on the Daily Mail website.

Debbie Moore at Greater London Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association IWD – March 8 2016


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Debbie Moore celebrated International Women’s Day 2016 with Esther McVey at Greater London Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association.

The focus of the day was leadership in business, mentoring and opportunities for women in the workplace.

Debbie said “Things are very different for women these days, there is much more mentoring for women. In the 1980’s I received lots of letters from women saying they wanted to start their own businesses but their husbands wouldn’t let them and they didn’t have any confidence!”

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