Auditions Open Calls: Singer-Dancers October 7 2019

Audition Open Call: Singers Who Dance - 6 June 2019, Carnival Cruise
Singer-Dancers Public · Hosted by Carnival Cruise Line Entertainment

Singer-Dancers – Carnival Cruise Line Entertainment

Carnival is recruiting Singers Who Dance & Dancers Who Sing for the captivating Playlist Productions Shows. Developed by top talent in the industry, these shows feature triple-threat performers who sing, dance and act!

Candidates must be at least 18 years old.

OCTOBER 7: All applicants must choose and perform 2 tunes from our Playlist library, found below. We will provide tracks for all tunes. If chosen for calls backs, we will teach at dance combination later that afternoon.

OCTOBER 8: Candidates must have contemporary/jazz dance experience. Dance call will begin at 10:00AM. Vocal callbacks will be the same day. You will NOT need to prepare any vocal music. We will work with you on vocals at the call-backs.

Please pre-register before arriving to the audition. Pre-register and attend on your audition date. Add your Resume, Headshot and personal information to the link below prior to coming to the audition:

• Singers Who Dance – October 7:

• Dancers Who Sing – October 8:
No need to pre-register.

October 7: Starts at 12:30PM
October 8: Starts at 9:30AM

Singers Who Dance Vocal Selections:
Please find below music files from our show library. Please choose 2 tunes to prepare, and perform at the audition. There will not be a pianist at this audition.

• Male Singers: Pop/Rock or R&B Singers. Rock Tenors. should be comfortable at belting to an A, mix to C needed for some shows. Choose any two to sing at the audition:

• Female Singers: Pop/Rock or R&B vocalist. Should be able to belt comfortably to E, mix to F# needed for some shows. Choose any two to sing at the audition:

Carnival does not cover travel or lodging fees for audition attendee. If you’re not able to attend submit your application here:

If you register and do not attend, we will automatically decline your application.

For more about Playlist Productions visit: