Beyoncé Bootycamp with Ali T at Pineapple

Beyoncé Bootycamp with Ali T

Twerkout with celebrity trainer Ali T Sunday 23 Feb 2020, 1-2 Pm

Class designed to activate and strengthen your glute,s creating the perfect pert peach! 

Dance around the studio drunk on endorphins in this Happy Hour without the hangover!

Tone your 3A’s – Arms, Abs & Ass #TripleThreat


Enjoy goody bags from your fav brands


The ultimate party at Pineapple! Choreographed to Beyonce’ s best beats, you’ll slut drop, shimmy & shake for a killer twerkout


Everyone is welcome! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced before… The only rule of the class is to have fun! You’ll love it! We’ll give you all the moves you need to make you feel like Yoncé! Hot sauce in your bag #swag


The most important question – what shall I wear? Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! You’re here for you and you only! No one else is looking at you because they are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror!

Trainers, sportswear or dance wear is advisable so you can bend and snap to your heart’s content! 

FOTOS #doitforthegram

This party provides plenty of paparazzi opportunities for epic gram glam worthy shots at the world famous Pineapple Dance Studios! 

FIT&FLEXI Twerkout with celebrity trainer Ali T  Limited places!
Class £20 
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