Mental Health Selfcare Workshop for Dancers

Mental Health Selfcare Workshop for Dancers

Pro & non-Pro separate events by Terry Hyde – Sun, 27 October 2019

The Mental Health Self-Care Workshop for Dancers will start with Shelby Williams (Biscuit Ballerina) followed by Terry Hyde (Counselling for Dancers).

Thanks to her sense of humour, Shelby approaches the problems of today’s dancers from a comical point of view. Shelby touches on themes such as perfectionism, anxiety, competition, and burnout while also linking them to modern day triggers such highly curated social media and FOMO culture. As an advocate for open discussion about mental health, she helps to normalize and destigmatize the complex emotional and mental pressure dancers face throughout their training and into their careers.

By finding humour in dancers’ obsessions, Shelby as Biscuit Ballerina creates breathing room between the hard work and the dancer so that there is space for a more objective reflection on the big picture and a stronger ability to confront and overcome mental struggles tied to dance.

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