Pineapple Dance Studio Open Day – Sunday 19 August 2018

We will be hosting our annual Dance Open Day on Sunday 19 August 2018!


The open day will see over 30 free classes on the day, including Street and Hip Hop, Bollywood, Burlesque, Jazz, Tap and Commercial dance, with more taster classes still being added. The free taster classes are aimed at beginners and will last an hour. Classes will include a full physical warm-up and cool down.

Classes start at 11.00am through to 5.00pm and do not require booking – just like the regular drop-in classes at Pineapple, simply turn up on the day to sample a full 50-minute dance class.

Teachers at Pineapple Studios have danced with and taught performers including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Madonna and Justin Bieber, while principals from the Royal Ballet as well as West End performers regularly attend classes at the studios.

Pineapple has been the main centre for dance in the heart of London for nearly forty years. With over 250 classes a week and nearly 40 different styles of dance on offer, the Open Day is an ideal opportunity to experience a fun and exciting class for FREE in the heart of the city.

There will be food & drink treats as well as giveaways, shopping discounts and more on offer on the day. So add this experience to the top of your ‘things to do’ list!


11:00CommercialRudeye – Brendon Hansford
11:00Theatre TapKirsty & Harriet
11:00ContemporaryMaria Yacoob
11:00Street JazzMarky J
11:00JazzKaren Estabrook
11:00Diva ClassMads
12:00Contemporary FusionRenako
12:00BalletKim Mendez
12:00PilatesLesley Flynn
12:00Dancehall Vs AfrobeatsWinston
13:00Pure TechniqueKaren Estabrook
13:00Pole Dancing (16+)Natalie
13:00CommercialRudeye – Brendon Hansford
13:00Brazilian SambaMonika Molnar
13:00CommercialLeah G
13:00MIU DancehallAlicja Blachut
14:00Ori TahitiKrysten Resnick
14:00Commercial StreetJaydon Blaze
14:00Commercial StreetLil’ J
14:00Commercial JazzAntonio Sussini
14:00Body ARTHarry Francis
15:00Hawaiian HulaKrysten Resnick
15:00WaackingStephanie Venus
15:00Hip HopJohn Graham
15:00Egyptian Belly DanceAsmahan
15:00DancehallMarta and Pandi
15:00Theatre JazzChristie Manning
16:00Amy TomlinsonImprovisation
16:00Commercial (16+)Rudeye – Danielle
16:00Heels/FemMaxy Razor
16:00Hip HopKloé

Drop-in dance classes at Pineapple Studios are available at all levels and are open to everyone.

Visit Pineapple Dance Studios, 7 Langley Street, London WC2h 9JA
Call: 020 7836 4004.
E-mail: for more information


When is Pineapple Open day this year? Open day 2018 is on Sunday 19th August

How long are classes? Classes are 50 minutes long and start on the hour, every hour from 11am with the last class starting at 5pm .

Do I have to book? Like all of our drop-in classes, it isn’t possible to book ahead. We give out class vouchers the hour before your chosen class begins. For example- we start to hand out vouchers for the 1pm classes after 12pm. Classes are very popular so if you have a particular class that you really want to do, we recommend arriving in plenty of time and be prepared to queue.

Can I do two or more classes back to back? We give out vouchers the hour before the class to allow as many people to try a free class as possible. If we have any vouchers left when you finish your class at 10 to the hour, you are very welcome to take classes back to back.

Can someone else queue whilst I’m in class to collect my voucher? Sorry, no. We want to make it as fair as possible and give everyone a chance to take free classes so we can’t give vouchers out for your friends/family.

Who can take class? ANYONE! The classes will all be general level and suitable for beginners and people of all ages. We don’t recommend the classes for anyone under the age of 8, although this is down to the discretion of the parent/guardian. Children attending must be able to “fend for themselves” or be accompanied by an adult.

What classes will be on? Our full timetable is ABOVE. Please keep checking back for the current Open Day schedule and updates.

How much are classes? FREE! All open day classes are free and anyone attending open day classes do not have to pay membership.

Are the usual Sunday classes running? Some classes are running as usual and others are cancelled. Please see below. Normal class fees and membership will apply for these classes and you don’t need to queue to come in for these classes, just come straight into the building.

Non-Open Day Timetabled Classes running as normal

12:00-13:00 Fleur Murray Jazz All
12:00-13:00 Carly Osborne Zumba All
13:00-14:00 Fleur Murray Commercial Jazz Absolute Beginner
13:00-14:00 Carly Osborne Core Stretch All
14:00-15:00 Supermalcom for Calvin Francis Hip Hop Beginner
15:00-16:00 Renako for Mandy Montanez American Contemporary Jazz Intermediate

Cancelled Non-Open Day timetabled classes

10:00-11:00 Amber Doyle Ballet General
12:00-13:00 Maggie Paterson Classical Ballet Beginner
12:00-13:00 Minna Skirgard Vinyasa Yoga All
16:00-17:30 Dollie Henry Jazz General