Saturday Night Fever Audition - Royal Carribean - May 29th, 2017 to May 31st, 2017

by Pineapple
Saturday Night Fever Audition Based on Nik Cohn's 1975 New York Magazine article "Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night" and Norman Wexler's 1977 screenplay it inspired, Saturday Night Fever focuses on Tony Manero, a Brooklyn youth whose weekend is spent at the local discotheque. There he luxuriates in the admiration of the crowd and a growing relationship with Stephanie Mangano, and can temporarily forget the realities of his life, including a dead-end job in a paint store. May 29th, 2017 to May 31st, 2017 Location: Pineapple Dance Studios 7 Langley Street, Covent Garden London , England WC2H 9JA GB Show(s): Saturday Night Fever Audition Requirements Talent Sought: Dancers, Singers Notes: 29th May - Open Principal Singers 9:00am 29th May - Agent Principal Singers Appointments (*Contact your agent) *Agents/Manager: Please submit through SPOTLIGHT 30th May - Open Dancers 9:00am 31th May - Singer Callbacks 9:00am CLICK HERE FOR: Saturday Night Fever Audition Requirements