Introduction to Breaking with Kwan Chan (6 weeks)

by Pineapple Dance Studios

Embark on an exhilarating 6-week breaking course led by the amazing Kwan Chan at the iconic Pineapple Dance Studios. This course is tailored for beginners, offering a comprehensive introduction to the dynamic world of breaking. Each session will encompass a dynamic warm-up, technical exercises, training time, and dance circles. By the end of this course you will have aquired basic fundamentals of breaking and gain more confidence to express yourself through dance and movement.


  • Fundamental elements of breaking
  • Exciting new steps
  • Technical exercises specific to breaking
  • Travelling work for dynamic footwork
  • Musicality and rhythm in breaking
  • And much more!


Footwear: Please bring dance shoes suitable for breaking.
Comfortable Clothing: Embrace your style and wear what makes you feel comfortable to move.
Water Bottle: Stay hydrated during your dynamic breaking sessions.



This Breaking course for beginners is 6 weeks long, with 1 class per week on Fridays (6 classes all together). Each class is 60 minutes long and held by Kwan Chan at Pineapple Dance Studios. 

Course start date: 19th July 2024

Timings: Fridays 7.45 - 8.45pm (60 minutes)

1st Class: Friday 19th July

2nd Class: Friday 26th July

3rd Class: Friday 2nd August

4th Class: Friday 9th August

5th Class: Friday 16th August

6th Class: Friday 23rd August

Price: £89

 All courses are non-refundable* and have to be booked before their start date. The course price is inclusive of our membership fee. 

*If you cancel up to 48hrs before the start of the course, you will receive a refund in a form of account credit.



Kwan Chan, hailing from Toronto, Canada, has dedicated over 16 years of his life to the art of breaking, also known as b-boying, b-girling, or breakdancing. With a deep passion for enriching, enlivening, and enlightening others through this dynamic form of expression, Kwan offers classes that cater to individuals of all skill levels.

His classes provide a unique opportunity for participants to engage with hip-hop culture and music while simultaneously experiencing a challenging physical workout. Whether you're seeking to enhance your fitness, craving a distinctive physical challenge, or simply drawn to the vibrancy of hip-hop, Kwan Chan's class promises an immersive and rewarding experience for all who attend.

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