Introduction to Hip Hop with Tiger Heslop (4 weeks)

by Pineapple Dance Studios

Hip Hop dance is one of the most fun and expressive dance styles of the world. From the party dances to body manipulation, there's something for everyone to enjoy within Hip Hop dance.

This 4-week introductory course at Pineapple Dance Studios is the perfect way to begin your Hip Hop dance journey and to learn about the history of Hip Hop dance and its culture. You will learn Hip Hop steps and foundational vocabulary of the dance, as well as body isolation, grooves, and more from our renowned teacher, Tiger Heslop. No prior dance experience is necessary.

By the end of this beginner's course, you will have a solid foundation in Hip Hop dance and be able to move with confidence and style. You'll also have a greater appreciation for the culture and history of Hip Hop.



  • Hip Hop dance foundational steps and vocabulary
  • Body isolations
  • Grooves
  • Social dances you can do with your friends
  • Connecting to your body
  • Musical timing
  • ...and so much more



  • Comfortable clothing:  For our dance classes, we encourage everyone to wear what they feel the most comfortable to move in. You can visit our Pineapple store opposite the studios and ask for advice from our staff, or can check out our online store where we have all the dance essentials you might need for your class. We have changing rooms and showers on location.
  • Trainers: It's essential for this course that you wear flat shoes, trainers that you can move comfortably in.
  • Water bottle: It's important to stay hydrated during your classes, so make sure you bring your water bottle. We have multiple water points in the building where you can have a refill. 



This Hip Hop course for beginners is 4 weeks long, with 1 class per week (4 classes all together). Each class is 60 minutes long and held by Tiger Heslop at Pineapple Dance Studios. 

Course start date: 20th January 2024

Timings: Saturdays 1.45 - 2.45pm (60 minutes)

1st Class: Saturday 20th January

2nd Class: Saturday 27th January

3rd Class: Saturday 3rd February

4th Class: Saturday 10th February

Price: £59




Tiger has been teaching in England and internationally since the mid-2000's.Tiger's main dance styles include Hip Hop, Chicago Footwork and Krump. His reputation as a highly knowledgeable dance teacher has brought him opportunities to teach, perform and choreograph around Europe and Asia.

As a Professional dancer, Tiger has danced in popular live TV shows such as Dancing on Ice and the 2023 Britain’s Got Talent winner’s live act. Central Cee’s “Dojo Cat” music video, Dizzie Rascal, Redbull, Men's Health Magazine, BBC, Sky 1 and more.

Tiger teaches Hip Hop Choreo and Hip Hop at Pineapple Studios. Both classes focus on improving the student’s hip hop foundation and overall dance level.

In the “Hip Hop Choreo” class, students learn the style of Hip Hop with a fun and cool choreography.

In the “Hip Hop” class, the focus is on the foundations of Hip Hop, body isolations and grooves without choreography. This allows the students to spend more time drilling, improving, and understanding hip hop dance techniques. Including learning how to improvise their own dance. Plus, learning the latest “Hip” moves to amazing Hip Hop beats!

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