New Class! Belly Dance with Leilah Isaac - Starts Tuesday 2 July

by Pineapple

New Belly Dance Class with Leilah Isaac at Pineapple Dance Studios

The new class starts Tuesday 2nd July 2019. Leilah teaches Tuesdays 6-7pm in Studio 10 for Beginners. Class fee is £8.00.

Leilah is an award winning professional belly dancer who continues to perform around the world. She is known for her thriving belly dance Youtube channel where she teaches belly dance and fitness. Some of her recent work has involved performing on the History channel, as well as with Liongate’s Befit and Popsugar!

New Class! Belly Dance with Leilah Isaac - Starts Tuesday 2 July

You will start each belly dance class with shimmy drills, learning basic techniques, posture and footwork. We will then learn a choreography to either an Arabic pop song, a drum solo or an Arabic orchestra. This is where you will embrace your inner Shakira!

Every class is like a party and is for all levels. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the moves the first time, the more classes you attend the more moves you will start to understand. Belly dance is a celebration of the body, the curves, and the isolations so enjoy the journey.

Click here to visit Leila's timetable page on this website for more information and links.