Pancake Day 2017 - Recipe

by Pineapple
Pancake Day 2017

Thanks to @fitandflexi_ for a Flippin' tasty pancake recipe!

Pancake day has arrived! Huzzzzah! Well that crepe'd up on us! So here is a super tasty dairy, refined sugar & gluten free post twerkout chocolate & banana protein pancake recipe perfect for pancake day!! Recipe: - 1 Banana - 2 Eggs - 1 Scoop chocolate protein powder - Throw it in the nutribullet & shake things up - Fry your bad boys for 20 seconds in a non stick pan - Get Flip&Flexin' those beauts like a proper tosser - stack em high - Slather in lashings of yumminess - Twerkout in excitement - Stuff your face & enjoy - Boogie & hope it all goes to your bum! Don't be a stiff!... Earn your pancakes at Flip&Flexi on Monday 12 & 8pm at Pineapple Dance Studios London!