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Pineapple Events

Create your own private dance party or themed event at Pineapple!

Your Pineapple Event options include themed dance parties for adults and kids, for birthday parties, wedding engagements, anniversaries, or any other significant moment.

Schools & Colleges

Our choreographers are skilled at creating workshops for schools, colleges, and dance schools. These events can form part of curriculum studies in musical theatre and drama, or a pre-Prom or end-of-term celebration.

Corporate Events

Our corporate events team work in-house and can also attend an external venue to give your team a positive and fun couple of hours together. Pineapple Events clients include Coca Cola, Ralph Lauren,  Google, Benefit Cosmetics, Soho House & Grand Marnier.

First Dance

Pineapple Dance Events are not just for pop enthusiasts and theatre musical fans! We offer over forty styles of dance on our timetable, so we can deliver the perfect Bollywood Wedding Dance or a '40s Swing Anniversary Dance class, for example.

Private Classes

Individuals can also book Private Dance Classes at Pineapple in any style of dance. Private dance classes are popular for many reasons. Some students take private classes prior to attending timetable classes at Pineapple or even between regular classes.

Private classes help to build confidence or improve individual technique. They can also be used as an opportunity to prepare for exams and curriculum tests.


Your private event can take place at Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden, right in the heart of the West End. We also host parties at off-site venues for PR events, Members’ clubs, etc.

Extra Benefits

When you book your private dance party at Pineapple, you also receive exclusive shopping discounts for everyone in your party. Shopping discounts are available online and in-store so you can choose to shop before your event or take time to browse the Pineapple store opposite the studios.


Our Events page has a breakdown of some of the costs for a private dance event at Pineapple. You can also buy Event Vouchers for groups online. These make great gift choices because you can get the party started and leave the gift recipient to plan their perfect event directly with us!


Get in Touch

Click here to visit our Events page to see the many opportunities available for private parties in Central London at Pineapple. You can also contact us via the Events page so that we can get the party started!