Fleur Estelle

by Pineapple Dance

Fleur Estelle is a holistic belly dancer, teacher and choreographer.
She has performed around the world for international royalty, celebrities, TV shows, VIP parties, and most recently as a dancer in Disney’s 2019 live-action Aladdin movie starring Will Smith.

In 2006 she established the Fleur Estelle Dance School and is passionate about sharing the countless benefits belly dancing can offer.

Using specially designed exercises and self-development techniques, her teaching approach connects body, mind and soul, helping each student to increase their confidence, build self-esteem, improve energy flow and feel totally at home inside their beautiful body.

Fleur and her pro-Troupe of dancers are available for private tuition and performances at festivals, corporate events, multi-cultural weddings and celebrations across the UK and abroad.

Breathe new energy into the way you move with the ancestral wisdom and upbeat music and rhythms of belly dance. Travel east to discover the beauty, grace and power of one of the oldest dance forms in the world.

Learn how belly dance develops precision muscle isolation and control, improves posture and boosts self-esteem. Just try and keep your hips still as soon as you wrap a coinbelt round your waist!

General level, low impact class; no previous experience required. Each class provides the opportunity to absorb new knowledge and cultivate your skills as you progress at your own pace.