Linda Dadd

by Pineapple Dance

Linda studied ballroom and Latin American dancing at a young age and she competed regularly as a teenager, including the British Junior Championships, Blackpool.

Linda graduated with a BScHons in microbiology, and started taking jazz dance classes then ballet at the age of 22. She danced with various companies and in pop videos.

She taught fitness for over 10 years all over London and then started teaching jazz at Pineapple.

Warning! All classes feature Fierceness and Passion! You will be inspired!

A class to get back to basics, improve technique in a series of short combinations and exercises! Work up a sweat whilst Training and Maintaing!

A Commercial/Technical/Lyrical Advanced/Professional class that is a fast paced, full out danceathon.

Stretch and body conditioning, corner and centre work, ending with a routine varying in styles, Commercial, Jazz, lyrical, Hip Hop.

This class will make you "Feel THe Burn".

Test your pick up skills and push your technique and styles to the MAX!

All classes start with a technical warm up including conditioning for abdominals and core strength.

The combinations for the general level classes have a more funky feel with simpler timing and steps.

The intermediate and above classes have more technical combinations, sometimes lyrical with alternatives offered on the harder sequences.

Classes for intermediate or above also have an 'across the floor' section of kicks, turns and jumps.

Classes are fun, sometimes challenging, but the overall aim is to help students to become the best dancer they can be in a supportive environment.