North by East

by Pineapple Dance

Laura and Amy trained professionally together at Performers College and have worked in many genres of dance including contemporary, musical theatre and commercial styles.
They are an innovative choreography duo specialising in strong narrative movement, taking their inspiration from many different styles of dance to create an exciting new genre.

They pride themselves on being able to connect emotionally with their audiences both through screen and live production.

They have recently started a new company called North by East, and launched their first short film, Breathing Space, in August 2015.

Although a relatively new company, they have already been recognised by industry heavyweights such as Arlene Phillips.

Amy and Laura promote a relaxed and fun energy in their class, whilst teaching dynamic and challenging choreography.

The focus of the class is always around portraying a strong narrative through dance. They encourage everyone to come along and give it a go, and most importantly to enjoy the class!