Rose Alice

by Pineapple Dance

Rose Alice is a classically trained contemporary ballet dancer and choreographer.

In an illustrious academic career, Rose was awarded honours for all advanced R.A.D examinations as well as both Junior and Senior R.A.D scholarships, followed by the prestigious R.A.D Australian Bursary.

After receiving the Robert and Elizabeth Classical Ballet scholarship awarded, Rose moved to Europe and continued her training in Toulouse, France. She was a finalist in the Prix de Lausanne in 2006 and was offered a scholarship to The Basel Theatre Ballet, where she completed her final year of training.

Rose was a contestant on 'So You Think You Can Dance', Australia and performed as a guest artist at the finale of 'Australia’s Got Talent'. She has worked extensively in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Paris, Barcelona, Zanzibar, New York and Chicago on productions for both stage and film, she also works closely with Creative Productions Group, performing and Choreographing numerous shows for high profile brands and clients including Patek Philippe, The Venetian Macau, Kevin Spacey, The Ritz Carlton, BMW, Zhang Yimou, Fendi and more.

Rose is the Creative Director and founder of ‘International Arts Collective’ a collective of dancers and musicians who perform globally.