Tarek Khwiss

by Pineapple Dance

Tarek Khwiss is a dancer, choreographer, instructor and model with a vision to innovate and unite people meaningfully through dance.

His credits include major brands such as Hunter LTM, Sky Atlantic for “Kevin Bacon”, Vodafone, Spotify, Nick Helms “Uncle”, Rihanna’s perfume launch for Superdrug, Danone, and Stedman Pearson. Tarek has taught internationally in New York City and around Europe. He now mentors the new generation of dancers. Tarek is CEO and Founder of Gawz.

Class with Tarek is energetic, sassy & bold with a heart-warming environment of positive motivational vibes.

"I will push you in becoming the best you can be because you are FABULOUS!"

Class is a sassy, elegant mix providing you fundamental heels technique / choreography to elevate and empower your skills.