Fit&Flexi – August Focus with Ali T - All about the base

by Pineapple
Fit&Flexi – June Focus with Ali T - All about the base

Your fav Fit&Flexi workout with added base!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your ass to class! Turn up the tunes and pimp your workout with a pulse raising party at Pineapple! Join Fit&Flexi in June to build your bikini booty! Sweat – with high energy heart-racing cardio! Hula squat around the studio drunk on endorphins in this Happy Hour without the hangover! Strengthen – your 3A’s – Arms, Abs & ofcourse Ass! Tone, sculpt & build your booty with Ali T’s triple A twerkout! June is all about the booty goals! Join the Squat Squad to build your dream bootylicious body! Stretch – yourself flexi lady! For long & lean limbs. Leave feeling exhilarated, drenched in sweat & with a huge smile on your face after this happy fix! Ready to hit the beach after this bikini body bootycamp! It’s the perfect way to get pumped up for an evening out, or shake off the Monday blues. Join Ali T every Monday lunchtime12-1pm or evening 8-9pm! Make Monday your new funday! Beyoncé Bootycamp & FlashMob

Beyoncé Bootycamp & FlashMob

The ultimate booty builder, Beyoncé Bootycamp & FlashMob! Sweat, Strengthen & Stretch to Queen B’s best beats & wake up with a booty to rival yoncé! #flawless #GetInFormation Sat 13th August 2-3.30pm £15. Book now to build your booty!
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