The Next Step Summer Workshops at Pineapple

by Pineapple Dance

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There are two remaining sets of workshops in August and September! Continue reading for a full breakdown of the summer workshops, or click HERE to jump straight to the ticket page!


Wednesday 14th – Friday 16th August - 3 Day TNS Intensive

Workshopping styles of dance featured on 'The Next Step' plus original 'The Next Step' choreography classes taught by Pineapple tutors . Must be of intermediate dance ability.

DAY 1 - Jazz & Contemporary- £75 (£65 when buying 2 tickets)
DAY 2 - Hip Hop & Street Dance £75 (£65 when buying 2 tickets)

DAY 3 - Acro & Performances (3 DAY TICKET HOLDERS ONLY)
DAY 1,2,3 DAY £180 (£150 when buying 2 or more)

Day 1- Jazz & Contemporary

1 X 60 min Jazz technique Class - learn to kick, turn and leap like A-Troupe
1 X 60 min Contemporary Class - perfect your Contemporary technique and styling in preparation to learn TNS Contemporary choreography.
1 X 2 HR TNS Contemporary Choreography - TNS East 'Top of the World':
A beautifully in-sync contemporary performance. Can Lola, Richelle, Amy, Jacquie, and Elliot (!) use technique to pull out a win for TNS East against TNS West in their battle to be The Next Step's regionals team? Extended dance from The Next Step season 5 episode 11, "East Meets West". Dancers: Lola (Jessica Lord), Richelle (Briar Nolet), Amy (Shelby Bain), Jacquie (Dylan Ratzlaff), and Elliot (Julian Elia).

Plus warm up, limbering and cool down sessions


Day 2- Hip Hop & Street Dance

1 X 60 min Hip Hop Foundations Class- learn to pop, lock and groove like A-Troupe
1 X 60 min Street Dance Performance Class- perfect your Street Dance tricks, styling and performance technique in preparation to learn TNS Hip Hop choreography.
1 X 2 HR TNS Hip Hop Choreography- 'Look Alive':
Look Alive, y'all! It's guest choreographer Leon Blackwood's small group dance, featuring Josh, Jacquie, Lola, Amy, and Noah! Extended from the dance seen in The Next Step season 5 episode 4 "Leon Me". Dancers: Dawson Handy, Dylan Ratzlaff, Jessica Lord, Shelby Bain, Myles Erlick.

Plus warm up, limbering and cool down sessions


Day 3- Acro, flexibility training and performance opportunity

Available only for those attending DAY 1 AND DAY 2
1 X 90 min Acro Session
1 X 90 min Flexibility training & freestyle session
Rehearsal session for performance
Performance opportunity- Contemporary and Hip Hop Routines
Certificate presentation



• 20% off in the Pineapple Shop all 3 days for ticket holders (One use per ticket)
• Exclusive Discounted TNS X Pineapple Goody bags with free hot drink for accompanying adult


Sunday 1st September

Full Day of TNS X Pineapple workshops

SOLD OUT GROUP 1 10.45-3.15 Beginner-Intermediate 7-10YRS
SOLD OUT GROUP 2 10.45-3.15 Beginner-Intermediate - 11-16YRS
SOLD OUT GROUP 3 10.45-4.45 Advanced - 8-11YRS
SOLD OUT GROUP 4 10.45-4.45 Advanced - 12-16 YRS

Prices & levels

Beginner-Intermediate - £60 (£50 when buying 2 or more tickets)
(For those with some dance and acro experience and beginners)

Intermediate-Advanced - £75 (£65 when buying 2 or more tickets)
(Must be of advanced dance ability and able to do minimum handstand / bridge / cartwheel)


Full Day includes…

• 90 minute Class learning original TNS choreography taught by Pineapple tutors
• 90 minute Acro Workshop
• 30 minute Freestyle workshop
• 90 minute class learning 2nd routine of original TNS choreography (Advanced group only)


• Free Pineapple Re-useable Water Bottle for all Participants
• 20% off in the Pineapple Shop all day for ticket holders (One use per ticket)
• End of the Day performance opportunity and certificate
• Exclusive Discounted TNS X Pineapple Goody bags with free hot drink for accompanying adult


Lunch Packs

Pineapple lunch pack

Get organized and order your lunch packs today for just £5.00! Lunch packs can be collected at registration in the Pineapple Hub café.

Lunch packs include:

  • Sandwich (options)
  • Innocent smoothie (options)
  • Fruit (options)
  • Crisps (options)

You will receive lunch options via email before the workshop and we ask you to reply with your selections. Your lunch pack is presented in a brown paper bag with handle and features an exclusive The Next Step x Pineapple sticker! Snacks and drinks will be available to purchase on the day. Click here to order your lunch pack online today.

Final online order dates for lunch:

Workshop date: 21 July | Final order date: Sunday 14th July
Workshop date: 14-17 August | Final order date: Sunday 11th August
Workshop date: 1 September | Final order date: Sunday 25th August



I can’t see the multiple ticket discount what do I do?

The discount will not show up until you go to the checkout. The subtotal will show the price before the discount, then the grand total will show the price with the discount.

Do I buy tickets for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?

The levels are a guide and the groups will still be mixed. The teachers make sure that the stronger dancers in each group are stretched but will also break down choreography / technique for less experienced dancers in the group. More information below for each type of workshop.

2 Hour Workshops

Beginner-Intermediate- For those with less dance experience or for those who go to recreational dance clubs but don’t do competitions, higher level grades etc

Intermediate-Advanced- For dancers who dance several times a week and/or dancers who compete/perform and are grade 5 and above.

3 Day Intensive

Intermediate- For those who dance regularly and are used to picking up choreography but may feel they need to work more on their acro and technique

Advanced- For those who are of a high standard in most or all disciplines featured in the workshop. The advanced group would typically be dancing several times a week at a high level. Must have some acro or gymnastic experience.

1 Day Acro and Choreography

Beginner-Intermediate- For those with less dance experience or for those who go to recreational dance clubs but don’t do competitions, higher level grades etc

Advanced- For dancers who dance several times a week at an advanced level and/or dancers who compete/perform and are grade 5 and above. Must be able to perform a minimum of handstand bridge and cartwheel and be working towards more advanced acro.

Will you be holding more workshops?

We haven’t announced any more workshops but plan to hold more workshops in 2020 from February ½ term onwards.

My session is sold out, can I join the waiting list?

Please email to request to join the waiting list for your chosen session.

I have already attended a TNS X Pineapple workshop, will it be the same choreography?

Every workshop throughout 2019 will feature different routines to previous workshops.

Who is teaching the classes?

The workshops will be taught by our very own Pineapple Teachers. The Next Step choreographers have teamed up with our teachers and have given them exclusive access to choreography tutorials from the show.

In addition to our teachers being on our regular timetable, they have a wealth of experience, teaching all over the world and have featured on TV, film and West-end musicals.

What happens after I buy my ticket?

We will contact you by email closer to the time of the workshop with full details and with a form to return to us in advance of the workshop. You will receive your ticket at registration.

Can accompanying adults watch the classes?

We encourage accompanying adults to vacate the studio during the workshops however there are windows in all studios should you need to check in on your child at any point. Adults are welcome to wait in the café area on the first floor. If leaving the building, please ensure we have an emergency contact for you.

How do I get to Pineapple?

Pineapple Dance Studios is located at 7 Langley Street, London WC2H 9JA.

Tube: Nearest stations are Covent Garden (2 mins walk), Leicester Square (5 mins walk), Holborn (10 mins walk), Charing Cross/Embankment (15 min walk).

Bus: Nearest buses stop on Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue (both 5 mins walk) or Aldwych (10 mins walk).

Driving: You can drop off outside Pineapple Dance Studios in Langley Street. There is no parking in the street. The nearest car park is one minute away on the corner of Endell Street and Shelton Street.

What do I do when I get to Pineapple?

When you arrive the first thing you will see is the reception desk. Depending on the day, you might find it very busy with classes, rehearsals and auditions – which all adds to the excitement. Our reception team will point you in the right direction. Registration and final performances will be in Studio 7 on the 1st floor.

What time should I arrive?

Registration starts 1hr before the workshop. We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the workshops start. The studio will be open from 9.30am

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring plenty of water and for the full day workshops please bring lunch or pre-order lunch at our café- .

What do I wear?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothes. Most people wear either top and leggings/shorts or leotard and tights but you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Footwear- either trainers, dance shoes or bare feet for the dance class and bare feet for acro. Our studios do get warm so please bear this in mind when choosing what to wear.

Is there somewhere to get changed?

All changing rooms and shower facilities are located in the basement. We recommend that you come dressed in your dance clothes where possible.

Where do I put my stuff?

We do not have lockers so please bring all of your possessions into the studio with you.

Where are the toilets?

The main toilets are in the changing rooms in the basement. there are also toilets situated on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.

Is there a cafe?

The cafe is located on the first floor selling refreshments, sandwiches and snacks. There is also a water machine offering free filtered water. You can pre-order lunch at our café - click here to order your lunch online .