Workshop feedback - Tap Dance with Derek Hartley

by Pineapple
Tap supremo Derek Hartley taught his popular annual Christmas tap dance workshops as usual to end 2014 in style. The classes were a great success and student feedback was enthusiastic. Click here to view Derek's timetable page and continue reading for student feedback. "So what do you do on your Sunday off? Do you have a well deserved lay in from a hectic week? Are you recovering from that heavy Saturday night? Or do you spend the day tap dancing? Tap dancing of course! I can think of no better way to forget the trials and tribulations of life than focusing on tap choreography with a great group of people. Derek Hartley’s regular tap class at Pineapple is a fantastic experience but with only an hour we cannot fully explore lengthy choreography. But on Sunday because it was an all day event, we were finally able to put on a performance royale as we all pulled together to do an extended 3 minute routine (which in dancing time is an infinity). You have to take your bowler hat off to Derek how he effortlessly creates music with his feet. He uses feet as an instrument to perfectly match the tone and rhythm of the music." Darren cheers - tap dancer A regular attendee at pineapple dance studios "A 6 hour tap workshop, are you mad? ' Was the reaction I got from my friends when I told them about the Christmas workshop but when Derek Hartley asks Shall we dance? The answer will always be a resounding Yes! I'll admit to being a bit nervous beforehand but my fears were immediately allayed as Derek choreographed a beautiful routine using steps which were simple but challenged us with complex rhythms. Over the 6 hours we put together an entire 6 minute number. We were split into 3 groups, each group was given their own section to dance before coming together for an ensemble finish. As a little girl I realised that I would never grow up to be a professional dancer but this workshop gave me a little taste of what it might have been like to put a routine together and perform it and I absolutely loved every second of it! Roll on next year!! And thank you for a fantastic day xx" Camila fraser - tap dancer new to pineapple studios "Derek's tap masterclass is 6 hours of joy, he combines very catchy tap rhythms with intricate footwork and detailed staging! The day is one to work hard, feel rhythm in your bones and have lots of fun! Throughout the day we learn a routine and perform at the end, which gives a real sense of achievement. Jenny reeves- tap dancer "well what can I say.... A fantastic day that I thoroughly enjoyed! As a dance teacher I never get much time to just dance and enjoy it, so when the opportunity comes up to do 6hrs of tap a simply can't refuse. The ease with which the routine was put together was very impressive and there was a great variety of over lapping rhythms and cannons, which always keeps you on your toes. Derek taught me at a professional college 16yrs ago and I loved his classes then. He still manages to captivate and hold the classes attention, ensuring all levels and abilities are catered for. And I understand how challenging this can be. His professionalism, passion and enthusiasm always comes across in class, allowing everyone to have fun and enjoy dancing! I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone with a dance background and WILL be back next year!" Elizabeth constantine (DDI,DDE,ISTD)- Dance teacher