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Don’t worry if ballet passed you by the first time around, at Pineapple our beginner’s classes are for beginners of any age. And lots of people attend ballet classes for the sheer pleasure of the dance, and not in order to become a professional.

At the advanced/professional end of the scale, many of our teachers have enjoyed dancing careers as founders and principals of some of the foremost ballet companies such as The Royal Ballet and Northern Ballet Company.

Ballet at Pineapple is classically based and classes start at the 'barre', which supports the balance of the body while it completes various routines designed to increase strength, mobility and 'turn out' – a rotation of the entire leg outwards from the hip joint giving the distinctive 'classical line' associated with ballet and enabling the body to balance more efficiently. The discipline required for ballet develops a heightened sense of grace and fluidity.

To join in a class, you only need be ready 10 minutes before the class starts. If you have Pineapple membership, you do not need to pay at reception.


    • Adam Pudney

      Born and trained in Australia, Adam Pudney moved to London and joined London City Ballet, dancing in the corps de ballet and performing soloist and character principal roles. In 2007, Adam gained the Royal Academy of Dance Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma.

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    • Amber Doyle

      Amber trained at the Royal Ballet School and Central School of ballet, Graduating with an A level in dance history. Performance credits include Phantom of the Opera, dancing the role of a ballet girl and Meg Giry.

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    • Denzil Bailey

      Denzil trained as a professional ballet dancer at the West Street Ballet School in London. fter a successful career dancing with London Festival Ballet and English National Ballet he expanded on his classical foundations dancing in contemporary companies.

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    • Michael Branwell

      Michael danced and performed for nearly two decades with British and other European companies, including a role as ballet master.

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