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Brazilian Samba

Brazilian samba is a unique solo and group dance that is both exhilarating and fun to learn.

Unlike partner dances, the main focus in this class is on connecting your mind and body.

Brazilian samba improves your rhythm, posture, strength, endurance, and elegance. If you are looking for a great cardio dance class, a stress reliever, or a way to enhance your other dancing, try this amazing, spirited dance.

You will learn the basics of samba: correct posture, hip moves, footwork and variations. Originally an African dance from Angola called ‘semba’, which means ‘rhythmical dance’, this dance travelled from Africa to Salvador da Bahia (the original capital of Brazil) to Rio de Janeiro.

Monika encourages her students not to be afraid and to let go of their self-consciousness and go with their bodies. Be ready for a real energetic, cardio dance class.

Courses for beginners are running on Fridays 7:30 and you can sign up at


    • Monika Molnar

      Best Brazilian Dance Teacher of the Year 2014 at the Lukas Awards. Monika is professionally trained in all ballroom Latin/Brazilian dance styles and has instructed many high-profile celebrities.

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