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Milo's classes include his Miloteque syllabus which is Ballet based and falls under the Jazz-Ballet category.

A class for dancers with a solid dance background from Elementary to Professional levels who want to brush up on technique.

Dancers keep returning to hone their abilities and strengthen their weaknesses. As technique improves, dancers find their ability to pick up choreography quickly & accurately also improves each week.

Milo's class focuses on a centre warm-up that includes Adages, innovative Pirouette exercises and an aerobic jump element.

Choreographic styles range from Lyrical Jazz-Ballet and Show Jazz to Neo-Classical Ballet-Jazz & Contemporary-Jazz

Click here to visit the Miloteque page for class description. 

CLASS OFFER Professionals receive 1/3 off classes and class cards! Simply present your Equity card or Spotlight number for your discount.

Studio Timetable