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L.A. Jazz Technical

This is a technical/lyrical/Musical Theatre style class which is great for all those technical dancers who want to do Musical Theatre/technical company work.

Mark does a 30 minute technical warm up which is designed to help maintain technique, core strength and flexibility, including stretch, pliés, tendus, sit-ups, press-ups, etc.

This class also includes a tough advanced Adage which is not for the faint hearted!

After the intense warm up, the dancers then do corner work going across the floor, showcasing their jumps, turns, legs, style and performance, etc.

Mark always teaches a lot of choreography in his classes and the dancers are expected to pick up a lot of choreo' in a short time and then do full-out performances at the end of class!

He trains his dancers to work fast and to be able to deliver a great performance quickly, which is a skill needed to work in TV, music videos, and films.

Directors, casting directors, and agents often observe the classes to look for talent in Mark's class, and he often holds castings and auditions in his class for jobs, so always make sure you look hot!


    • Mark Battershall

      Mark is an exciting, diverse and very experienced choreographer. Mark teaches two different advanced classes at Pineapple. His Tuesday class is a commercial, sexy style dance class, and his Thursday class is technical/lyrical/Musical Theatre style which is great for all technical dancers.

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