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Thursday class consists of 3 levels, aimed at beginners, improvers, and intermediates

Learn the popular “LA Style” (Los Angeles Style) (Crossbody On1). The focus is on partner work with a strong emphasis on leading and following technique.

Friday class consists of 4 levels, aimed at beginners, improvers, intermediates right through to advanced level.

This fun, energetic class, taught by Sai, Deanne and the Salsaconnexion team, begins with warm-ups at the beginning and a warm down at the end.

The style taught is Cuban/Colombian for the basics plus partnering for levels 1-2, alongside cross body lead style (London/New York Style On1) freestyle footwork to begin with, followed by partner work, for improvers to advanced level.

Their style of salsa dancing is a combined fusion of jazz, Afro-Cuban, New York, Puerto Rican and Colombian flavours, as well as combining their own individual styles and dance influences.


    • Julian - DJ Julian “The Duke”

      DJ Julian “The Duke” teaches LA Style (Crossbody On1) salsa with natural ability and professionalism. His classes are fun and very popular and take place in a friendly atmosphere. The class is based on partner work, with a strong emphasis on technique.

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    • Sai and Deanne

      Sai Lee, Salsa and UKA British Mambo Champion, choreographer and co-director of Salsa Connexion Dance Company, is a leading UK and International Salsa Instructor and Performer. He has been dancing Salsa for 11 years. Deanne Chandler, also Salsa and UKA British Mambo Champion, choreographer and co- director of Salsa Connexion Dance Company. She has a background of over 20 years in dance.

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