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By recreating unexpected and lively rhythms you will begin to form one of the most iconic styles of dance and in turn may be tempted to become the next Fred Astaire or Gregory Hines.

Tap Classes

    • Jazz Tap


      Rhythmic combinations taught to form short routines covering all styles to all types of music. A good class to improve and brush up on your tap.


      Basic steps and simple sequences taught. A friendly and fun class delivering a great sense of achievement within the hour.

    • Modern Tap

      Derek Hartley uses his 'addition' method and his own 'rhythm clock' idea, based on an African American 'rhyhm tap' style but with jazz and other influences added.

    • New Style Tap

      This class aims to push tappers both technically and stylistically. Intermediate - Advanced. Working to a rhythm tap foundation, you will be running drills and technical exercises, as well as learning choreography.

    • Rhythm Tap

      Focussing on rhythm, it covers the basic steps through combinations and a routine whilst still focussing on rhythmicality.

    • Tap Choreography
    • Tap Technique
    • Theatre Tap

      Theatre tap dance classes will bring a traditional rhythmic approach to technique to build on tap skills with various drills, time steps and turns.

    • Tap Fix THE TAP FIX is designed to help performers practice and enjoy Tap Dance as well as prepare for Tap Based Auditions. A usual class will consist of a Warm Up, Rhythm Section, Combination Step, Routine & Style Exploration.


    • Adele Joel

      Adele has a passion for tap that takes her all over the world. Having danced from a young age, she represented England at the World Tap Championships and has appeared in numerous productions.

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    • Connor Hughes Connor trained at the The BRIT School and the Arts Educational Schools, London where he gained a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre. Connor is Advanced in ISTD Tap.

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    • Derek Hartley

      Derek Hartley, MA (Performing Arts), is a professional dancer/choreographer and tap teacher since the early 1980’s. He is an international authority on the perception, presentation and performance of tap dancing as a contemporary modern dance form.

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    • Harriet and Kirsty

      Theatre Tap London was founded by Kirsty Fuller and Harriet Leigh Spence, two Tap Dance Creatives with a passion for tap dance education and advancing tap dance in musical theatre.

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    • Jamie Spall

      In 2015 Jamie produced, choreographed and performed in her own show, 'Tap That!', which won the Best Of Fest Award and The Audience Choice Award.

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    • Janice Evans

      Jan is a well established teacher who has developed her own style of American Jazz tap. She has performed professionally across the country in cabaret and runs workshops and choreographs for performing arts colleges and dance schools.

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    • Old Kent Road / Avalon Rathgeb

      Avalon was awarded a full-time scholarship to train as an all-round dancer at Bird College. Since graduating in 2009 Avalon has completed two internships for the American Tap Dance Foundation in NYC, was a company member of Grant Swift's TeAyPe in Melbourne, Australia and has danced with leading Tap dance companies across the UK.

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