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Amy Tomlinson

Amy is a professional dancer and creative on various projects and performances.

Amy has worked as Assistant Choreographer to Lukas McFarlane on BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing, and worked as part of the choreography team on The Voice UK. She has years of experience in TV, film and live theatre, all of which influence her teaching and choreography.

Amy creates a fun and playful environment in class within which her students can push their limits, train their bodies and take time to enjoy the movement and connect to a higher level of body awareness.

Amy's classes have a high focus on movement quality, dynamics and musicality. She will help you to understand the physicality of a move and how that relates to the sounds, the emotion and performance quality to help produce a well-rounded performance and experience.




    • Urban Commercial

      A fun, high energy and up tempo class, packed with hip hop grooves and commercial edge, to the latest and best music!

    • Improv

      Amy will guide you through various improvisation exercises and techniques, encouraging you to explore your individual way of moving.

Studio Timetable