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Christie Lee Manning

Christie’s latest role was playing the iconic Shirley MacLaine in the premiere of ‘Welcome To The Grand’, a Jazz House Theatre production celebrating 100 years of cabaret at The Grand Clapham Theatre.

Over the past two years, Christie has had the pleasure of playing multiple roles in the the immersive theatre production, ‘How To Solve A Problem Like Murder’. The company recently enjoyed a two year residency in NW London, received over two hundred five star reviews, and was most recently described as “immersive theatre at its best.” She also played a leading role in the voyeuristic theatre production, ‘’, which sold out its first season in December 2016.

Commercially, Christie has worked with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, Nelly Furtado, and Suzie McNeil. Other credits include New Balance, Telus, Nickelodeon, Times Of India Awards, ‘Package Deal’ (TV), ‘Warehouse 13’ (TV), and Sky 1's 'Got To Dance' Season 5, mentored by celebrity judge Adam Garcia. Christie toured Brazil twice with Canadian company Lamondance, and is currently a member Lukas McFarlane’s contemporary company, UnTitled. In the past three years, Christie has been a principle dancer in the company’s last four major projects, ‘Got To Dance’, ‘Exposed’, ‘Exposed’ the film, and the company’s first ever UK tour, ‘The Suffocating Truth’.

Christie is the winner of Dance London’s ‘Inspirational Teacher Award’ 2015. She sees herself as a storyteller, and strives to create work that not only challenges the boundaries and stereotypes of jazz, but leaves the viewer with a (conscious or subconscious) sense of self-discovery.

Class description

Enjoy an hour of classic, contemporary, and modern day musical theatre jazz that will be sure to leave you inspired, re-energized, and dancing your way out the door!









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