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Cristian Cauteruccio

Cristian Cauteruccio was born and raised in Italy.

He studied ballet, contemporary-jazz, partnering and commercial as well as Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology to have a full spectrum of how the body works in its full complexity.

After an eclectic performing career in Italy in musicals, operas, TV and dance companies, he moved to London to begin teaching and choreographing.

He has choreographed internationally for Disneyland Paris cast members (France), MSC cruise line, @motion dance company (Italy) studio. Cristian Cauteruccio is Founder, Artistic Director, and Chief Choreographer of DEXTEROUS DANCE COMPANY, a London project-based dance company.



    • Lyrical Contemporary Jazz
      Cristian incorporates and combines pedestrian, contemporary movements with classical jazz and ballet technique, to create an exquisite expression of music.

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