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Dollie Henry

Dollie Henry is an internationally renowned and respected jazz choreographer, theatre director and educationalist.

She is recognized as one of the most formidable exponents of jazz dance and theatre dance in the UK and abroad.

Dollie’s extensive career as a perfomer, director and choreographer has seen her work in all areas of the entertainment industry of dance and musical theatre, film and TV.

Founder & Artistic Director/Choreographer of the UK’s premier Jazz Theatre Company Body of People (BOP). BOP has produced and created many Jazz theatre productions performing throughout the UK and internationally. BOP is also the professional Company-in- Residence at Morley College, London.

Dollie is also a regular guest Jazz teacher at Broadway Dance Center, New York.


This class is an enriching and engaging dance experience that will develop dancers’ individual strengths and ability. The main objectives of the class are to advance, enhance, and find a spiritual and physical connection. Lessons begin with Dollie’s unique jazz warm-up that she has developed over two decades.

Exercises are technical, but allow the individual to stretch and tune the body, naturally enhancing the flexibility, stamina and strength that are needed for all jazz dance. This is followed by a combination of steps across the floor that uses the musical beats, rhythms and syncopation that form the back-bone of the jazz interpretation for working on pirouettes, jumps, control of movement and understanding of the musical aspect of dance steps.

Finally Dollie offers a highly energised and fun jazz dance combination that explores and uses varying styles of jazz music for interpretation and self-expression to form each unique jazz dance combination. Dollie’s Jazz classes are suited to the dancer/student with a full knowledge of dance vocabulary and to those who love a challenge.

Dollie inspires and encourages all her class participants, whatever the personal level, to access or rekindle the true root of their individual talent, expression and joy through Jazz dance, whether they are a professional dancer or just someone who loves to dance. It’s all about being creative!






    • Jazz

      A dance style with African roots and technical movements which has evolved into today's popular jazz styles as seen in the theatre.

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