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Foundationz Cru

Foundationz Cru formed in 1995 and consists of breakers from the 1st generation of b.boys in London since the 1980's.

They have danced for MTV, GMTV, music videos and in commercials for the BBC, and “keep it real” by going to clubs and events across the world to jam and battle other b.boys and crews.

As well as performing in shows, they have performed in and choreographed for the film About A Boy, and appeared in TV documentaries, Black on Black (Channel 4), Bad Meaning Good (BBC), Eye Candy (Channel 4), World B.Boying Championships (Trouble TV), and Arena’s ‘Bombin’ A Hip hop History Pt 2 (BBC).


    • Breakdance

      Foundationz Cru aim to make breaking classes friendly, enjoyable and fun, while teaching the true nature of breaking based on one of the original New York hip hop street dances.

Studio Timetable