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Jennifer Henriksson

Jennifer Henriksson is a professional yoga teacher and dancer. In 2016 she graduated from C4 dance college in Sweden and moved to England.

Through contemporary she found her love and passion for movement as she moved more and more into yoga.

She’s been practising yoga since 2013 on a daily basis and loves to use her creativity to develop her own flows. In 2019, she graduated from Sampoornas Yoga Teacher Training in India and became a qualified Ashtanga and Vinyasa teacher.

A big passion of hers is challenging herself and others, handstand, arm balances, you name it!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jennifer Henriksson

Jennifer teaches you how to connect your breath with your body in order to move free and create more space. In this class you get the opportunity to try something new in a fun and friendly environment.





    • Vinyasa Flow Yoga

      A dynamic and flowing practice, linking the rhythm of the breath with movement. The class will focus on breath, balancing the body and creating a deep internal heat that will energize, detoxify and uplift you.

Studio Timetable