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Kira Bishop

Kira trained at Bodywork dance studios in Cambridge studying all genres of dance including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Street.

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She is passionate about teaching and choreography, and loves to see her routines come to life. Her bubbly personality and positive energy shine through her work and as a result she is a popular choreographer for all ages and levels.

Recent choreography credits include; the Youtube Boyband, Sports Relief, Time Out, Noisettes and not forgetting the numerous First Dances and Flash Mobs.

Commercial Street

Commercial Street is a blend of hip hop, jazz, funk and street dance. If you want to dance like your favourite artist and learn the moves from your favourite music videos, then this is the style for you. This class is fun, friendly, full of positive energy and will definitely make you sweat!






    • Commercial Street

      Commercial Street is a vibrant combination of Street Dance, Hip Hop and Commercial,

Studio Timetable