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Kloé Dean

Kloe is a professional dancer and choreographer. She is Director of Myself UK Dance.

"Training dancers looking for a push and a chance to learn foundations, variations and an opportunity to utilise them! Develop performance skills, dynamics to your movement, confidence building and exercises to enhance yourself as a dancer and performer!! Come and dance with me!" 

Kloé Dean, the founder, choreographer and dancer of all female Hip Hop company, Myself UK Dance, is a passionate and creative performer from London, UK. Kloé, also a member of Boy Blue Entertainment, has performed in numerous productions, showcases and competitions around the world. She has an array of dance credits including International Tour of The Street Dance Sensation 'Blaze - The Show’, Uchenna - Head Wrap Diaries at Sampled 2018, Metta Theatre’s UK and Ireland Tour of Jungle Book, Mourad Merzouki/Compagnie Kafig-7 Steps European Tour and London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

An upbeat, fun yet informative class journeying through Hip Hop foundations, developing variations, textures and performance technique which can be utilised both in freestyle and choreography, resulting in learning and performing Hip Hop choreography utilising the foundations learnt in the session. A session filled with good vibes, good music and good training.

Kloe teaches Hip Hop at Pineapple, Thursdays 3-4pm in Studio 2.





    • Hip Hop

      High energy class with basic Hip Hop foundation and moves combined in a stylish routine.

Studio Timetable