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Marta Szlachcianowska

After years of dancing and experimenting in different styles Marta realised that her dedication is to Dancehall and Breaking.

After 3 years of teaching in Polish Dance Schools she decided to move to London in 2012 to improve her dance.

Marta is currently travelling around Europe and taking part in many international dance competitions and projects, including 'Shut up and Dance' Rome, Italy 2013 - Final dancehall; 'Sdk Poland' Szczecin, Poland 2012- Breakin 3Vs3 - winner; Juste Dancehall' Paris, France 2014 - TOP 8.


Marta presents the female dancehall style mixed with her own personalised floorwork basics.

The Class is aimed at all levels. The warm ups will mainly consist of old school and new school Jamaican dances with mild stretching and isolation exercises.

The main aim of the class will be learning the basic dancehall steps along with the variations that focus on musicality, creativity, energy control, changing levels and dynamics.

Routines in class will include all of the above elements.






    • Dancehall

      You will learn Dancehall/Ragga n' Soca techniques, Old Skool and Nu School and authentic Jamaican dance moves.

Studio Timetable