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Melody Squire

American choreographer Melody Squire is known for creating visually stimulating work as well as her innate storytelling ability.

Her versatility across dance genres makes her a choreographer in high demand. Clients often site her efficiency and warm nature, as her gentle approach brings the best out of artists.

Melody worked extensively as a professional dancer in feature films and music videos for artists such as James Blunt, Madonna and pop promos for Beyonce.

Her true passion is choreography, and she is the founder, choreographer and Artistic Director of Sol Dans Company.


Class begins with a full-body warmup combining yoga, Pilates and technical jazz exercises. Centre and travelling combinations include influences from Horton, Limón and authentic American Jazz.

Class culminates with expressive and innovative choreography designed to challenge dancers both physically and artistically.

Continue to strive for excellence in an encouraging atmosphere. All styles of dancers welcome







    • Contemporary Jazz

      Contemporary Jazz with Melody Squire will challenge you with technical exercises and innovative choreography. Continue to strive for excellence in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.

    • Teen Contemporary Jazz

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