Adam Pudney

by Pineapple Dance

Born and trained in Australia, Adam moved to London and joined London City Ballet, dancing in the corps de ballet and performing soloist and character principal roles.
In 2007, Adam gained the Royal Academy of Dance Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma. Adam was a dancer on Kylie Minogue’s Fever and Showgirl world tours, TV and feature films including Human Traffic, Phantom of The Opera, and Pride and Prejudice, and worked closely with the director on choreographed scenes in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

Introduces the dancer to basic ballet practice with verbal explanations of technique and method, whilst providing a well rounded overview of class structure, both at the barre and in the centre.

Pitched at a level suitable for dancers with an existing knowledge of basic technique and minimal ballet training, this class aims to improve technique, expand the dancer’s vocabulary of steps and have them perform basic, yet varied combinations. Not suitable for absolute beginners.

To teach people with movement skills and good physicality basic acrobatic and tumbling skills which can be performed on a hard floor (although the classes are conducted on mats).

N.B. It is advisable that participants can already lunge and kick into a handstand, perform a forward and backward roll and a bridge (back-bend).