'The Next Step' - Themed Dance Classes for Kids

Learn Original The Next Step choreography and technique from Pineapple’s top teachers

New dates added! TNS-themed dance workshops in 2020 & 2021!

Workshops are taught by Pineapple tutors throughout the year at Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden, London.

These exclusive dance classes are designed with specific ages and abilities in mind, however all are welcome to join online.

Choose “In studio” workshops and join us at our world famous Covent Garden location or choose “Live Online” classes to join our zoom classes from home.


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Pineapple Dancewear Girls' Grey Logo Joggers

20% Off Outfits We❤️Love

A collection of some of our favourite outfits for girls!

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Pineapple Dance Silver Star Badge Backpack


Buy Pineapple dance accessories online to complement your dance and fitness - including bags, legwarmers, socks, and yoga mats,

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Pineapple Dance Pink Heart Badge Backpack


Pineapple dance bags are built to last. Shoulder bags and totes have detachable straps and strong carry handles, are lined and include extra pockets.

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Mini dance bags are not just for younger dancer. A small dance bag is useful for accessories, such as make-up and toiletries, as well as small items of clothing. Keep your mini dancer bag close to you so you can leave larger bags behind when you do cannot carry them or when space is limited.

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Textured quilted bags in a variety of styles and colours, for dance, leisure, and travel.

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A selection of hats, caps and beanies from Pineapple, the leading dance and leisurewear brand.

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Leg Warmers


Dance and fashion combine in the original and best leg warmers from Pineapple Dance Studios, London. Adjust length from knee to rolled to fit your mood!

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Pineapple Dance Black Badge Yoga Mat


This is the yoga mat we use in Pineapple studios. The Pineapple branded badge yoga mat has a good grip, which makes it ideal for home or studio use.

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Gift Cards

Not sure what to get them? Don't know the right size or the favourite colour? A Pineapple gift card is the perfect solution!

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Gift card


Pineapple dance gift vouchers for classes, events, parties, and themed workshops at the famous dance studios in Covent Garden, London.

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Pineapple dance bottoms for girls age 6-12 include dance leggings, shorts, skirts, harem pants, and more. Step out looking smart in your dance class, at a party or at play!

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Pineapple Girls' Stripe Jacquard Black Joggers PT1702CA1


Pineapple Girls' jogging pants and tracksuit bottoms are cotton and cotton rich, making them a healthy choice for all kids' activities!

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Pineapple Girls' Hello Kitty Mesh Sleeve Crop T-Shirt


Hello Kitty dance and leisurewear with a range of tops and bottoms for girls age 5 to teenagers.

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Pineapple Dancewear Girls' Diamante Mesh Double Layer Top


A colourful selection of layered tops in a range of styles and colours for girls age 5 to teenagers age 13.

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Stripe Tank Dress


Dresses and leotards in a range of colours and styles for girls age 5 to teenagers.

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Pineapple Girls' Hello Kitty Mesh Sleeve Crop T-Shirt


Hello Kitty tops in a range of styles for girls age 5 to teenagers.

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Pineapple Mint Loopback Hoodie TH1570CG1


Long sleeve tops in a mix of styles and colours - sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts  for girls age 5 to teenagers age 13.

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Pineapple Girls Short Sleeve Crop Mint Hoodie TH1552CG1


Short sleeve tops including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies for girls age 5 to teenagers age 13.

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Double Crop Top


Pineapple girls' vests, for ages 5 to teenagers, are great for dance, play, and the endless activities that our kids get up to!

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Pineapple Girls' Hello Kitty Mesh Sleeve Crop T-Shirt


An exclusive Hello Kitty range of colourful and practical leisure and loungewear inspired by dance at Pineapple.

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Membership at Pineapple Dance Studios



Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all studio classes require advance booking via the Pineapple LIVE app or Pineapple website - select “In Studio Classes” timetable. A membership fee of £2 is included in the price of every class.

The studios are open early morning until late, 7 days a week and located just 2 mins walk from Covent Garden tube (currently closed – nearest tube station is Leicester Square). 

We are not currently offering long term memberships and any Pineapple member who holds a valid long term membership purchased in March 2020 or earlier should contact us at and we will refund any outstanding balance.

Please see our app or website for class and teacher details. We offer absolute beginner through to professional classes daily. Our friendly reception team can help to find the perfect class for you when you first visit Pineapple.

Pineapple also offers a full timetable of online classes (with no membership/subscription fees) including dance classes for kids - just choose “LIVE Online Classes“ timetable.

Please call 020 7836 4004 for further details and advice.

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A range of dance and activewear in a range of colours and sizes for men.

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A selection of t-shirts, vests, and hoodies in a range of sizes and colours for men,

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Piping Crop Top


Active and leisurewear for girls aged 5 to 13, recent styles and limited collections at affordable prices, direct from Pineapple online.

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Pineapple Dancewear Women's White Loopback Crew Crop Sweater


Buy active fitness and leisurewear for women. Seasonal discounts and special collections at affordable prices available direct from Pineapple online.

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Pineapple Dancewear Girls' Pink Pineapple X TNS Bra Top

TNSxPineapple Fashion for Girls

Fashion inspired by the A-Troupe from the global hit TV show 'The Next Step', official dancewear from TNSxPineapple.

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Pineapple Dancewear Women's Black Bootcut Jersey Trousers


Classic Pineapple bootcut trousers in comfortable and lasting fabrics, popular for dance and leisure activities.

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Pineapple Women's Hello Kitty Tape Skinny Joggers


A range of women's leggings and trousers in a range of styles and colours by our favourite Kitty exclusively for Pineapple.

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Pineapple Women's Blue Pocket Mesh Leggings PT16270D1


Original Pineapple dance leggings - full length and cropped, and leisure trousers in a range of colourful fabrics and textures, made to last.

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Pineapple Women's Hello Kitty Tape Skinny Joggers


A colourful and fun range of Hello Kitty active leisurewear for women, including tees, leggings, and sweatshirts, exclusive to Pineapple.

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Mesh Racer Bra Top


A stylish collection of Pineapple fishnet and mesh styles, with inserts and layers, including tops, hoodies, and leggings for women.

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Pineapple Dancewear Women's Black Logo T-Shirt


The iconic Pineapple 'Retro' logo launched the brand in 1979 and has pride of place on a selection of our favourite fashion items and accessories.

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Layer up with a range of active and leisurewear tops including vests and t-shirts for women.

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Pineapple Women's Hello Kitty White Crop T-Shirt


A range of colourful and fun Hello Kitty tops for women, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

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Script Hoodie


Shop online for Pineapple hoodies and tracksuit tops, including zipped jackets, hooded tops and dance hoodies. Our hoodies are designed by Debbie Moore at Pineapple to complement your fitness wardrobe and leisure fashion.

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Pineapple Women's Logo Grey T-Shirt TS16090A3


A fashionable selection of short sleeve tops for women, with t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, leotards and dresses.

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Pineapple Dancewear Women's Black Unisex Vest


Sleeveless active and leisurewear in a range of colours, styles, and sizes for women of all ages.

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