Old Kent Road / Avalon Rathgeb

by Pineapple Dance

Born in Devon, Avalon trained at her mother's dancing school until the age of 18 when she was awarded a full-time scholarship to train as an all-round dancer at Bird College.
Since graduating in 2009 Avalon has completed two internships for the American Tap Dance Foundation in NYC, was a company member of Grant Swift's TeAyPe in Melbourne, Australia and has danced with leading Tap dance companies across the UK.

Avalon was invited to accept one of the 25 places reserved for outstanding dancers in the 2014 Tap programme at the school at Jacob’s Pillow in Massachusetts, USA. Avalon performed in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics as a tap dancing dementor, was invited to join Tapestry Dance Company, North America’s only full time and paid Tap dance company and recently created her own company "Old Kent Road", which will debut their first work 'Fall out' at Resolution! 2015.

Avalon regularly teaches for international Tap Dance festivals and workshops including the Stockholm Tap Festival, Prague City Tap Festival, The Australian Tap Festival, Escola Luthier Dansa and MadTap- Madrid.

A new class for 2015 for the Intermediate/Advanced level student. You will work on drills and technique with speed and power, across-the-floor techniques including elevated work such as wings, pull backs, tippies, pick ups.

Slides are one of Avalon's favourite things so you will definitely see those!

  • Crawls emphasising accents and working in different time signatures.
  • Building confidence in improvisation and tools to help you jam.
  • Most weeks will include work on combination within the second half of the session to build stamina and dance quality.
  • We jam for fun at the end of class. Come for a good work out and A LOT of fun!

Classes are drop in, but consistency is recommended.em>

Beginners/Advanced Beginners:
This class is aimed at people that have experienced tap dance before. New feet and faces welcome but those of you that have already danced with me don't hide away- I will always play to your level.

Note: Lets aim to push the standard!