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Modern Tap

Derek Hartley uses his 'addition' method and his own 'rhythm clock' idea, based on an African American 'rhyhm tap' style but with jazz and other influences added.


His classes are always fresh with consistent changes of music.

At beginner level Derek is very thorough and patient but does expect determination and effort. At the higher levels he is testing and provocative.

Saturday classes require students to know more speedy and recognizable steps. You should be able to pick up choreography without too much problem. It is assumed that students in the Saturday classes will know a lot more technique.

If you do not know much tap technique, then you should choose one of the weekday classes, where you will be taught tap technique.


    • Derek Hartley

      Derek Hartley, MA (Performing Arts), is a professional dancer/choreographer and tap teacher since the early 1980’s. He is an international authority on the perception, presentation and performance of tap dancing as a contemporary modern dance form.

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