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Street / Commercial

Encompassing a wide range of modern styles including Locking, Popping, Krump, Hip Hop and House.


Street / Commercial Classes

    • Breakdance

      Foundationz Cru aim to make breaking classes friendly, enjoyable and fun, while teaching the true nature of breaking based on one of the original New York hip hop street dances.

    • Commercial

      Warning! All classes feature Fierceness and Passion! You will be inspired! A class with broken down fresh commercial choreography. Get ahead of the competition and learn great combinations and perfect them!

    • Commercial Edge

      An Advanced/Professional class for those looking to excel in all aspects of commercial dance. The choreography focuses on different skills each week - dynamics, timing, rhythm, pick up speed, performance and musicality.

    • Commercial Funk

      Sexy commercial’ with a mix of dynamic jazz and funk moves with a sexy, hot music video style.

    • Commercial Hip Hop
    • Commercial Street

      Commercial Street is a vibrant combination of Street Dance, Hip Hop and Commercial,

    • Commercial Groove

      Aleta's classes consist of high energy, cutting edge choreography, with a real focus on Groove, Performance & Musicality.

    • Core Commercial

      Choreography focusing on the core foundations of commercial dance. Think music video-esque, like dance styles seen on videos by Beyonce, Selena Gomez and Rihanna! Working on performance skills, strength and enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

    • Commercial / Heels
    • Commercial Performance The class will run for an hour, focusing on your commercial performance. A fun, full out commercial dance class with no pressure and no stress!
    • Commercial Flow The class is an hour. You will learn commercial movement with a free, organic flow, allowing you to feel fully expressed, liberated and empowered.
    • Dancehall

      You will learn Dancehall/Ragga n' Soca techniques, Old Skool and Nu School and authentic Jamaican dance moves.

    • Dancehall Drop

      The hot spot for all lovers of Dancehall, Soca, Afroca, and great vibes, have fun learning all the moves with Safwaan DaOne Aka Ess DaBoogie.

    • Diva Class

      Diva class is all about evolving your strength, technique and style through the art of commercial dance. During class Maddy will focus on attack confidence and sensuality.

    • Dancehall Vs Afrobeat

      This dance style is Dancehall & Afrobeat where you will learn both dance styles, the origins and culture, feeling, and the technique in this one class.

    • Hip Hop

      High energy class with basic Hip Hop foundation and moves combined in a stylish routine.

    • House

      Fun and energetic classes with a lot of positive energy. There will be lots of grooves, footwork and musicality included.

    • House Dance

      House dance is a social dance primarily danced to house music that has roots in the clubs of Chicago and of New York.

    • House Foundations
    • House Routine

      Mainly based on fast paced footwork with a great workout where you can learn new moves. You will learn basic steps combined in a routine led by up-tempo House music.

    • House Style
    • House Technique

      Mainly based on fast paced footwork with a great workout where you can learn new moves. The technique class is for anyone who would like to learn the basics and develop a stronger foundation.

    • Hip Hop Style
    • Heels Technique 'Heels Technique' class will focus solely on learning the technique and art of dancing in a heel.
    • Heels Performance Sassy, elegant mix providing you fundamental heels technique / choreography to elevate and empower your skills.
    • Jazz Funk

      Jazz Funk comprises elements of hip hop styles and some jazz influences to create musical, dynamic choreography. Focusing on musciality and precision in choreography with performance and expression.

    • Locking

      Locking is known to be one of the funkiest street dances. It is a dance style from Los Angeles which dates back to the 70's in the Soul Train era created by Don Campbell.

    • Lyrical Commercial

      This is a concept class exploring lyrical music by artists like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Sia mixed with commercial/urban dance styles. In this class Brendon will be focusing on completely combining the elements together, using the body to it’s full potential.

    • M.I.U. Fitness Dancehall

      An authentic class based on original Jamaican social dances with Dancehall as a basis, focused on feeling and meaning.

    • RnB & Hip Hop
    • Ragga/Dancehall An authentic class based on original Jamaican social dances with Dancehall as a basis, focused on feeling and meaning.
    • Street Dance
    • Street Hip Hop

      Class routines are a fusion of Street, Hip Hop, Commercial & Jazz. One routine is taught every class, for the whole week, so clients can come back gfor more of the routine.

    • Street Jazz

      Marky J specialises in getting everyone dancing together in just one hour, regardless of their dancing level. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned professional, his teaching style makes routines easy to pick-up, accessible and fun.

    • Under 12s Street Dance

      This class is suitable for children over 5 years old and under the age of 12.

    • Urban Commercial

      A fun, high energy and up tempo class, packed with hip hop grooves and commercial edge, to the latest and best music!

    • Urban Movement

      This is a sweaty and fun dance class for those who share a passion for dance. Teaching focusses on good energy and communication, expanding the body's vocabulary, and expression with intention.

    • Urban Dance
    • Voguing

      From our class you will learn the foundations of Voguing, arm control, posing on the beat, runway and floor performance.

    • Waacking

      Waacking, considered a funk style, was created in clubs by the LGBTQ+ community during the disco era and became recognizable on TV shows such as Soul Train.


    • AJ O'Neill

      Dublin born AJ attended Laines before joining the cast of Chicago as Swing. AJstarted and ran the UK's Nr 1 Glee tribute act The Gleeks, is a qualified personal trainer and coach and created Move PopUp Gym.

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    • Aleta Thompson

      Aleta is a professional Commercial Dancer & Choreographer, with extensive experience teaching and performing throughout Europe and Internationally.

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    • Alex Kordek - AJK Agency

      Alex is an unique choreographer with natural artistic flair and energy. Trained in many dance styles, his strengths as a choreographer are influenced by his experience in-front and behind the camera studying for a BA in Film & Drama.

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    • Alicja Blachut

      Alicja Blachut is a dance and fitness teacher and presenter as well as a personal trainer.

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    • Alisha Thompson Alisha is a professional commercial dancer and choreographer. Her classes are fun and high energy with a strong emphasis on groove and performance.

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    • Amy Tomlinson

      Amy is a professional dancer and creative on various projects and performances.

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    • Calvin Francis

      Calvin trained and performs nationally and across Europe, gaining knowledge and experience as he goes along.

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    • Christabelle Field

      Christabelle is a professional commercial dancer/choreographer/judge and teacher. Christabelle has trained in London and Los Angeles in a number of dance styles including Latin American, Ballroom, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Commercial and Hip Hop.

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    • Christina Andrea - Love Rudeye

      Christina is a pioneer in choreography and movement direction. Her regular classes at Pineapple are always packed full and she is loved for her energy and dynamic teaching style.

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    • Damilola

      One of London's longest and most exciting dance classes, has worked with artists including Mariah Carey, Sade, Alexandra Burke, Alesha Dixon, X-Factor, and many more.

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    • Danielle Barton

      Danielle’s commercial classes are high energy, high octane and fun. Suitable for all levels and abilities.

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    • Geni Lou

      Geni is originally from Montreal, Canada has trained and performed in Europe, North America and Asia.

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    • George Hodson George trained at London Studio Centre and has danced in all sectors of the industry. He has performed for many artists, including Taylor Swift, and companies including Avant Garde Dance and UK tours.

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    • Hannah Cleeve After graduating from Tiffany Theatre College in 2014, Hannah went on to train in Los Angeles, gaining a huge array of respected contacts, including mentor, the 'Queen of Heels', Aisha Francis.

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    • House of Milan

      From New York and Sweden, stars of The House of Milan teach the foundations of Voguing, arm control, posing on the beat, runway and floor performance.

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    • Jack Pointer Mackenzie

      A professional choreographer and dancer for artists such as Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello and JLS alongside brands such as Nike and Adidas.

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    • Jimmy Williams

      Jimmy has his own unique and popular style of locking, popping and boogie.

      He has choreographed for many commercial music artists, mainstream television, commercials and educational videos.

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    • John Graham

      John trained in Dublin, New York, Los Angeles and London, and has worked with artists including Beyonce, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber, Jessie J, Mariah Carey, Elton John, and many others.

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    • Joshua Base Pilmore

      Joshua Base Pilmore is a commercial dance choreographer/teacher in London. His choreography has featured in TV Adverts for ‘Sony' and 'Made In Chelsea’, as well as music videos for various artists.

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    • Kimberley and Molly Kimberley Collins and Molly McGibbon are commercial dancers and choreographers working in the industry. Credits include Kesha, Dua Lipa, Sean Paul, Years&Years, Sara Alto, Rebecca Ferguson, George Shelley, Burlington’s SW19, Pride London, MTV, TheBrits.

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    • Kira Bishop

      Kira trained at Bodywork dance studios in Cambridge studying all genres of dance including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Street.

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    • Kloé Dean

      Khloe is a professional dancer and choreographer. She is Director of Myself UK Dance.

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    • Laura Basso Born in Italy, Laura started street dance at the age of 13 and fell in love with the culture of Dancehall when she moved to London. Laura performs and works across all of the creative and artistic aspects of dance using Dancehall as her medium.

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    • Leah Gregorczyk

      Leah's commercial class focuses on fun, improving fitness level, musicality and pick up speed with a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

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    • Lil J

      Lil' J is a pioneer of teaching Street dance at Pineapple Dance Studios, London, since 1998.

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    • Madeleine Gerosa

      Madeleine Gerosa is a professional performer, choreographer and teacher with many years of dance and theatre experience.

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    • Mark Battershall

      Mark is an exciting, diverse and very experienced choreographer. Mark teaches two different advanced classes at Pineapple. His Tuesday class is a commercial, sexy style dance class, and his Thursday class is technical/lyrical/Musical Theatre style which is great for all technical dancers.

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    • Marko Stamenkovic

      Marko trained in Slovenia and continued his studies in L.A. and New York before returning to study in many countries around Europe. He has competed internationally and has appeared as a contestant and, later, judge on 'Slovenia's Got Talent'.

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    • Marky J

      Mark James (known as Marky J) has worked in the entertainment industry since the 1990's. After graduating from the Bristol Old Vic in 1997, Mark went on to appear in many popular UK TV shows, and has even appeared as a Dalek in BBC’s Doctor Who.

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    • Marta Szlachcianowska

      After years of dancing and experimenting in different styles Marta realised that her dedication is to Dancehall and Breaking.

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    • Max Alan - Love Rudeye Max has danced for artists such as The Saturdays, Jessie J, Pixie Lott and Little Mix. After training for 3 years at The Arden Theatre School he quickly got to work in the professional arena.

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    • PPAS

      If you love Performing Arts we offer top quality training taught by industry professionals taking place every Sunday at Pineapple Dance Studios.

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    • Rhian Duncan

      Rhian has danced for artists including Rihanna, Drake, Ellie Goulding, Union J, Kiesza, Ella Eyre, and many more. Rhian's urban commercial class for all levels is a mixture of commercial and Hip Hop.

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    • Safwaan Shoshoni

      Safwaan Shoshoni grew up dancing in London and Jamaica. Trained in classical ballet and Afro-Caribbean dance, he has a special gift for movement and 20 years experience as a professional dancer.

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    • Shaun Smith

      Shaun Paul Smith attended Stage School in Worcester and graduated from London Studio Centre in July 2008. Shaun promotes a warm and friendly atmosphere where all ages are welcome, and where every individual is encouraged to improve at their own pace.

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    • Stephanie Lindt

      Stephanie is a dance and fitness choreographer with a cutting-edge commercial appeal. She is an experienced professional dancer with tour, video and adverts and show credits to her name.

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    • Stuart Bishop - Love Rudeye

      Stuart Bishop is a renowned international choreographer and judge on various TV dance and entertainment shows. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Love Rudeye agency, which hosts many classes at Pineapple Dance Studios.

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    • Tarek Khwiss

      Tarek Khwiss is a dancer, choreographer, instructor and model who has taught internationally in New York City and around Europe.

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    • Tiger

      Tiger's main dance styles include Hip Hop, Krump and Dancehall. His reputation as a highly knowledgeable dance teacher has brought him opportunities to teach, perform and choreograph around Europe and Asia.

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    • Wilms - Love Rudeye

      WILMS creates a fun environment and cool, dynamic choreography to get dancers pumped and ready for the weekend ahead.

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    • Winston

      Winston trained at Brooking School of Ballet for three years and qualified in ISTD ballet (Cecchetti). You will learn Dancehall/Ragga n' Soca techniques, Old Skool and Nu School and authentic Jamaican dance movesy.

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